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My Journey Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death

Life is not always fair; 
but God is always faithful. 
When you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, how do you respond? Do you think life is suffocating, or do you hold on to the truth that God is faithful, even if you don’t understand His answers? 
When you face the storms of life, or go through times of suffering—be it physical, mental or emotional—or when you face grief over the loss of loved ones, health or financial issues, or your dreams come crashing down, are you still able to say, “but God is always faithful”? 

by David Campbell (Author) · Paperback · Published by Certa Publishing

My Journey Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death

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My Journey Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death Synopsis 


Life is not always fair, but God is always faithful.


When you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, how do you respond? Do you think life is suffocating, or do you hold on to the truth that God is faithful, even if you don’t understand His answers? 

When you face the storms of life, or go through times of suffering—be it physical, mental or emotional—or when you face grief over the loss of loved ones, health or financial issues, or your dreams come crashing down, are you still able to say, “but God is always faithful”?  


For many people who live with a debilitating illness, they can feel a sense of hopelessness, discouragement, sorrow, sadness, and even depression. Having walked through two deadly infections, multiple brain, back, and stomach surgeries, distorted thoughts, and depression, David Campbell shows you how the prayers of many and the hand of the Lord brought him through his living nightmare—and how the Lord can bring you through yours. In My Journey Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, you will be encouraged and strengthened in your time of great difficulties.


About The Author


About David Campbell

DAVID M. CAMPBELL SR. has been teaching the Bible for over 30 years in various Church settings. He enjoys teaching topics on faith, prayer, eschatology (the study of end time events), Bible books and character studies.  David and his wife Susan reside in Vestal, New York and have been married for 38 years. They have three married sons and 4 grandchildren with a 5th grandchild on the way later this year.  David retired in his 36th year from Lockheed Martin in 2009. 





First, let me say that I am struck by the hours and hours and hours of work that I see in what you have produced. No one but you knows how hard and how many hours were invested in this labor of love. Good work Dave.


I loved the way you folded in your family’s comments about various critical places in the story, and their memories during those periods of time when you were quite out of it, or in those times when you were being held against your will, or at least thought you were. Their comments are a very helpful element of your book.


Next, this book is a testament to the importance of a family whose roots are in Jesus. The Valley of The Shadow of Death that all of you went through, is just the kind of thing that can destroy marriages and families. That you and Sue, David, Jared, and Steve were all able to keep your health from becoming the center of your own and your family’s universe, is a testament to your faith as husband and father. It would have been so easy to let your troubles become the all in all of your life. The book makes it very clear that Jesus was never displaced as the core and source of your life. Amen, and great work by you and your family.


And while you detailed certain very critical points in the journey for the reader, there was a sense (at least for me as I read it), that foundational “joy” and "hope" in Jesus was never lost. In fact, you and I roared with laughter just hours after the “Can you hum?” incident took place. And we laughed unto tears about it days later.


Thanks for chronicling your journey. I enjoyed it immensely, and enjoyed it even more because I was along for the walk in the closing years of that critical time.

Pastor Dan Little (Sr. Pastor)
The Landmark Church
Binghamton, New York

David Campbell’s journey of faith is inspiring. You will be moved by what he suffered and encouraged by his unwavering trust in God. Dave is what I call a Hebrews 11 Christian. Who by faith walked through “The Valley of the Shadow of Death”, and came out the other side. I know you will be blessed by his story.

Pastor Joe Green (Lead Pastor)
First Assembly of God
Binghamton, New York


Before this book was written Dave’s faith in the Lord has always been strong. Despite all the surgeries and health issues Dave has gone through, his faith has never wavered. Dave never gave up believing in God and God never stopped loving Dave. I am blessed to be Dave’s friend and my faith has prospered because of him.

Dennis Gombita
Endwell, New York

As I reflect on my father’s book I truly feel it is a true picture of how difficult the journey of faith can be sometimes. Some have the misconception that when we come to Christ that all our troubles will simply disappear. But this is usually the opposite, as the Lord desires to grow us through all things. As you read through “My journey through the valley of the shadow of death” you not only receive a vivid account of my father’s journey, but you yourself feel as if you are experiencing every moment.


In our relationship with Jesus Christ the Lord desires to stretch our faith and sometimes this can be a very painful process. It can truly feel as if we are traveling through the valley of the shadow of death. But through it all, the Lord proves Himself faithful time and time again. As you examine God’s word the theme that continues through the scriptures is God’s faithfulness in the lives of His people.


If you or someone you know is facing a difficult trial this is the book for you. You will find that you are not alone and that even in the darkest moments of any trial the Lord is there, walking with us every step. I would encourage you to take time to read through this book and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you as you read the account of my father’s very difficult journey.

David M. Campbell, Jr.
Vestal, New York

I just finished reading one of the most inspirational, encouraging, and true-life stories by David M. Campbell Sr. and his family, “My Journey Through The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death.” This delightful, quick-read paperback is riveting and will keep you reading chapter by chapter, to discover how this touch and go story ends. This book is highly recommended for anyone dealing with adversity, whether mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, or whatever difficult situation one confronts in daily life. I have purchased many of these compelling books, and given them as gifts to family members, friends and acquaintances who are looking for, or know of someone looking for, hope and peace through their journey through the valley of the shadow of death.

Rev. Joseph E. Zdimal
Compass To Christ Ministry
Binghamton, New York

Thank you David for writing this book about your journey "Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death." Your strength from The Good Shepherd inspired me to look at Psalm 23 again with a different perspective. How you came back from such pain and never questioned God touched my heart. God gave you such amazing strength and faith even when there was no relief. This book has shown me and will show others how to rely on God every moment of every day to get through our "Living Nightmares." I was vastly blessed and carry your quote with me today, "Without Jesus Christ, it is a hopeless situation. With Jesus Christ it is an Endless Hope!"

Susan Stoddard
Retired Physical Education Teacher,
Pregnancy Resource Center Mentor, and Servant of the Most High God

This book is definitely for anyone who has ever experienced or is experiencing currently a valley that seems dark and without end. The retelling of his experiences with surgeries after surgeries and set backs after set backs seems so bleak. But through the darkness Jesus remained his light. My dad’s book will definitely bless those going through their dark periods but will also speak to the family members and friends helping them through their valleys as well. People need hope and many times life feels hopeless as I’m sure it did for my dad but his faith kept him strong and focused on the promises laid out in God’s word. And God’s promises are for all of us, not just my father. I think many will truly be blessed by this testimony.

Jared Campbell
Founder of the Blue Project
Worship leader for Southern Tier Family Life Church
Vestal, New York

Dave's writing draws you in both spiritually and emotionally. People often describe a "good read" by saying that they couldn't put the book down; I found myself closing the cover repeatedly in the imagined hope that I could somehow end Dave's suffering or perhaps temporarily interrupt it. But I knew how the story would end so I could return to the book because as I read on I was continually blessed and in awe of the wonderful God Dave loved and served.


Dave had been a spiritual shepherd to so many over the years, but as the result of numerous surgeries and subsequent reoccurring infections he found himself trapped within this valley of the shadow of death. It was only through his unwavering faith in his Lord and Savior, Jesus that Dave could continue to fearless journey through that valley of pain, confusion and sadness.


One medical setback after another had drained his strength but not his trust in God's promise of healing and restoration. The love and devotion of his wife, Susan and his sons, David, Jared and Stephen, his undaunted belief in God's word, and a tremendous will to recover nourished and guided him out of this valley.


Dave's account of his victory through Christ serves as a blessing and comfort to my wife Diana and I. His affirmation that whatever the circumstances, whenever we found ourselves in that valley of shadows, we too can draw on that same source of hope and comfort, on the same one true living God, on the same Holy Shepherd.

Michael and Diana Morello
Elders at Southern Tier Family Life Church
Vestal, New York

David's passionate journal of his life's health challenges left me uplifted in my own belief and faith that God will always walk with me. I know that with faith and God's grace we all can find the courage, strength and heart to face good times and bad times in our own life journey. I loved the book.

Susie Vanderburg
The Villages, Florida

Have you ever questioned God or asked Him why you are going through a particular hardship or season? We all have. In his book, “My Journey through the Valley of the Shadow of Death,” my father David Campbell, invites the reader to experience first-hand the recounting of how he almost lost his life due to two deadly infections. In the midst of so much uncertainty, he brilliantly suggests that you can have questions and yet not doubt the goodness of God. He says, “To trust in God in the good times is commendable, but to trust Him during difficult times, it tests us to our limit and exercises our faith” (page 71 of the book).


We quickly discover that hardship and setbacks are usually never experienced individually. Pain, at any level, is experienced by all involved. In this book, you will read the experiences of some of David Campbell’s family members, including myself. As a family, we invite you to join us, as we testify of God’s goodness and allow you access into one of the most trying and difficult times of our lives. May you be encouraged and realize you are never alone. God is always with you, both on the mountaintop, as well as in the valley.

Stephen Campbell
Director of Community Engagement at S.E.E.D. Planning Group, LLC.

Product Details

Product Details
    • Paperback: 120 pages
    • Size: 6" x 9"
    • Publisher: Certa Publishing; 1st edition (2017)
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-13: 978-1-946466-22-8
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