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Among the Myrtle Trees - eBook Version

How do you trust God for a heavenly future when your past has been hell? If God truly loves you, why does He allow bad things to happen to you? How can you listen to, have faith in, and follow a God that doesn’t seem real?

by Vanessa Crosson (Author) · eBook Version· Published by Certa Publishing

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Among the Myrtle Trees- Synopsis

“The Scripture tells us that God has sons and daughters who are rich in faith. Vanessa Crosson expresses her heart—rich in faith—through her writing. Her transparency of personal setbacks reveals a tender and loving relationship with her heavenly Father. As you read Among the Myrtle Trees, be still and reflect on these rich writings. May the Holy Spirit use her inspired thoughts to enlarge your heart of faith and give you hope for a better day!”

Rod Aguillard

Network of Related Pastors, Senior Overseer

How do you trust God for a heavenly future when your past has been hell? If God truly loves you, why does He allow bad things to happen to you? How can you listen to, have faith in, and follow a God that doesn’t seem real?

As life unfolds and tragedy strikes, the idea of God being good is sometimes inconceivable! The struggle with personal significance and the realness of God is a timeless conflict in humanity. Comparably, the Israelites struggled with their hope, purpose and faith in God as much as we do today. Discover how their journey from the Babylonian exile can direct you down a personal path to reveal how God uses your run from faith to train you for your fight of faith.

Whether you have abandoned your faith, know someone who is down in their faith, or just feeling down in the dumps yourself, Among The Myrtle Trees offers spiritual encouragement and strength. Passionate prayers and relevant scripture guide you to find a restoration of faith that the Israelites found…..among the Myrtle trees.

Editoral Review

Editoral Review

In "Among the Myrtle Trees," Vanessa Crosson explores the problem of unanswered prayers and subsequently abandoned faith, as in her own personal experience of her mother's struggle with cancer. So that no Christian reader, who has ever lost faith due to trauma that did not go away, feels isolated or preached at when picking up this book, Crosson relates the anguish of watching her mother die on the night she, Vanessa, should have been going to her senior prom. I think one of the most powerful sentences in the book is right here: My faith was introduced with my mom at my bedside and it came to a screeching halt with me at her hospital bedside (page 22).

I appreciated that the author used her own experiences to introduce a subject that must be difficult for those who have lost faith, and I liked that she emphasizes her nonjudgmental stance towards the beliefs of others. I liked her easy articulation and the care taken to back up her arguments. I liked the size and portability of this book, for it would be useful to Christian readers who wish to take it with them to hospitals or graveyards. I also liked the graphics at the beginning of each chapter and the clear and easy-to-read font size.

Judge, 22nd Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards

About The Author

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About Vanessa Crosson

Vanessa Crosson is a registered nurse with experience and interest that originated in the cardiac intensive care unit. Through personal tragedy at the age of eighteen, she chose a life without God. Now, with a testimony of God’s grace, Vanessa reaches out in empathy for the abandoned and the broken. Having a passion and desire to support the local church, she answers the call to a different type of intensive care and ‘nursing’ of the heart. Vanessa and her husband of sixteen years, Trenton, live in a small farm town in North Alabama raising their three young children.

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  • eBook Version: 144 pages
  • Publisher: Certa Publishing; 1st edition (2014)
  • Language: English


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