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Fearless Living - eBook Version

Fearless Living is a unique daily journey through the "Do not fear" passages of the Bible focusing on lessons, truths and applications for our daily lives. Learning how to live without fear, trusting in God alone, requires faith and an intimate knowledge of who God is and what he desires for our lives. The 70 day journey into God's word provides an opportunity to step into God's word and get to know Him personally.

by Linda Knight (Author) · eBook Version· Published by Certa Publishing

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Fearless Living- Synopsis


Fearless Living is a unique, reflective journey that leads the reader from looking at the world, circumstances, events with fear to a place of trust in God.


Each day presents a passage of scripture where we are told not to fear. The context of when and where this directive was given by God is explored. Then the lessons and truths that are evident in the day's scripture are given for thought and reflection.


Each day reveals the consistent, immutable character of God and how he wants those that follow Him to trust and obey Him. A prayer is given to help the reader to connect with God and seek to apply the lessons and truths. The next step in trusting is to learn to fear God not those circumstances.


A verse or two of scripture is given for reflection to help refine our thinking into placing our trust and fear in God alone. The last section of each day is devoted to personal reflection and thinking on how the scripture can be applied to life. How do I go about living each day without fear as God intended? Each day builds one upon another to give assurance and hope for life without fear based on trust in God.

About The Author


About Linda Knight

Linda Knight is a lifetime student of the Bible. She taught in public school for over 30 years along with teaching children and adults in Bible classes. She loves to teach God's word to children and facilitate women's bible studies. Linda lives in Concord, California and is a mother and grandmother. She loves to read, garden, travel and quilt.


Follow Linda on her blog and receive inspiration on your journey to "Fearless Living": http://wwww.daybydayfearlessliving.com


Listen to Linda's interview on Life Lessons with Rick Tocquiny:



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Product Details

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  • eBook Version: 172 pages
  • Publisher: Certa Publishing; 1st edition (2013)
  • Language: English


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