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Unveiled - eBook Version

Are you aware of the hatred for the girl child in Indian families? Unveiled is an attempt to explain, through short stories, the mindset that fuels this hatred for the girl child. As gruesome rapes of four year olds make the world headlines, the tip of the iceberg is just beginning to be visible. Read as author, Vinita Shaw, explains the foundation that fuels this hatred in India from the centuries old mindset fed by religious institutions.

by Vinita Shaw (Author) · eBook Version · Published by Certa Publishing

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Unveiled- Synopsis

"Unveiled" is a compilation of short stories that portray the pain of being a girl- from the womb to the tomb. This book is also a compilation of the author’s portrayal of the sufferings of the Indian girls and women which she has seen firsthand. Moreover, she herself has been through the fires of gender discrimination. Each of the stories in the book is about girls and women she personally knows or knows about. Therefore, each story is real. It is true. This is reality for women in India.

This is the author’s personal testimony to the question she asked of God at an early age, “Why did you make me a girl?” Shaw believes that Christ alone has the power to heal the wounds given to the Indian women and has experienced healing herself in Him. She now believes it is her calling to be a voice for the numerous voiceless girls and women.

She believes that the words of Jesus to Mary of Magdala, “Woman, why are you weeping ? Whom are you seeking?” span across centuries and nationalities. This book is a source for comfort, healing and miraculous interventions for women.

About The Author

About Vinita Shaw

Vinita Shaw was born in New Delhi, India. A journalist, she has many published articles to her credit, including a book written in English called, “I Heard a Voice,” which has been translated into Finnish language and some portions into Dutch language. A collection of short stories, the book is a testimony to the power of radio in India.

The first woman CEO of Trans World Radio-India, Vinita has 20 years of experience in radio and print journalism. More than that, she has faced rejection and can empathize with the pain. “Only because of Jesus, I could come out sane and victorious,” she testifies.

Having travelled to many countries around the world, Vinita is acutely conscious of the condition of girls and women in her country. She is a firm believer that it is only through Christ that the Indian women can find comfort in her suffering and the courage to rise above her circumstances.

Vinita is the Founder/CEO of Disha Foundation (Disha is a Hindi word for direction), a non-profit organization in India. Vinita is a strong advocate of women and children and speaks to the Indian masses on All India Radio (AIR) national FM channel through her weekly broadcasts asking them to come out of their centuries old mindset and walk in the light.

Married to Pastor Timothy Shaw of the Diocese of Delhi, Church of North India, for 22 years, they have two children and live in New Delhi, India.

Product Details

Product Details
    • eBook Version 122 pages
    • Publisher: Certa Publishing; 1st edition (2013)
    • Language: English

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Unveiled - eBook Version

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