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The Heartbeat of Jesus - eBook Version

This eBook, a straight-forward approach to explaining how to go from where you are to become a blessing to many, was written for people who want to be shown a far better way to live, by:
Being restored in His image
Relating your experiences with God to

by Hector Jesus Mendoza (Author) · eBook Version · Published by Reliance Media

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The Heartbeat of Jesus- Synopsis

Nothing could be more exciting and rewarding than an individual searching for God and finding guidance from the Creator of the universe. “The Heartbeat of Jesus” will help you begin living a victorious lifestyle over aimlessness and the evil in this world, receiving a fresh vision for your life and making an impact in this world through your obedience to the Holy Spirit. God needs to use your situation, no matter how big or small, to show you a different way of looking at it. This would be from his perspective, and it would change your outlook on everything. Having this happen would be a game-changer that would allow us to capitalize on every moment that we live here on earth and would allow us to understand our purpose here. Consider this: If you could capture just 5 seconds of the heartbeat of a man named “GOD,” how would it transform your life? Is the notion of the heartbeat of Christ worthy of a book in the Bible? I am talking about the idea of a moment of truth that will shape and mold or tear down and rebuild a kingdom for the future. Perhaps that was what was in Jesus' heartbeat when he said, “So be it” every step of the way he traveled.

About The Author

Picture of Hector Mendoza

About Hector Jesus Mendoza

Hector Mendoza is a student of life. He has lived through and overcome some very tough obstacles. This book was birthed out of a time in his life during which he lost everything, including home, family, friends and livelihood. This occurred in part due to an ignorance of God. Something was not right in his life. The search for finding answers to what was missing led him on a journey of searching for the truth. It was extremely challenging at times, but the challenge was worth the outcome. This book is the testimony of that struggle and the journey to fight, resist, endure and overcome. At times, it felt a bit like of the heartbeat of Jesus was transforming him from the inside and making an outward explosion. His will and desire for this book is to glorify God first, then to help at least one person with this information included and to share what God has done and will continue to do in his life and yours.

Product Details

Product Details

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  • eBook Version 88 pages
  • Publisher: Reliance Media, Inc.; 1st edition (2013)
  • Language: English



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