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Defeat Your Saboteurs - eBook

If you are at the end of your rope – discouraged, sad, lonely, or suicidal – there is hope: God has made a supernatural provision for you. Defeat Your Saboteurs will show you why your life is as it is, and what God has done to enable you to live a good

by T. Grant Acker (Author) · eBook Version · Paperback Version Available $13.99 · Published by Reliance Media

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Defeat Your Saboteurs - Synopsis

Defeat Your Saboteurs is about how to “get a life”, but not just any life. It is about how to get a good life – one worth living – an abundant life.

If your life sucks, you need help. Without help, you can try and try to make it better, but you will ultimately end up in the same place again and again.

The book is about the very real spirit dimension which you live in simultaneously with the physical dimension. The book explains how that unseen dimension works, who the players are, and how the unseen dimension and players (spirits) affect your daily life. God wants you to know how to manage and control the negative, tragic, evil forces (as in spirits) that work against you. He wants you to receive and enjoy His provision for the good and abundant life He promises you through Jesus Christ.
Defeat Your Saboteurs is divided into five parts. Each section walks you through a part of what you need to know to take the good life God has for you. The first focuses on understanding your spiritual environment and your enemies. The second is about God and what He did to give you a new life. The third section deals with faith: what it is and how it works. The fourth section talks about grasping the mind blowing, more-fantastic-than-fiction life that God has opened for you, and the fifth contains specific tools to acquire that good and abundant life.

Defeat Your Saboteurs is not only about telling. The book is also about teaching how, in Christ Jesus, to access and live the promised good and abundant life that God has opened for you. The book offers hard won knowledge, understanding, and tools. The Bible says that Gods people perish for lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6(a).

The more traumatized you are the harder your life has been, the lonelier you are the more you'll need to know, understand and act upon to live an abundant life, and the deeper you'll have to dive into every area of your life. The greater the wounding, the greater the healing if you will understand and embrace it. It won't be easy, but you will move forward into abundance even though there will be losses, too just know that at the end, heaven awaits you.

In this fallen world, there seem to be countless “realities,” but God wants you to lay claim to the one He carved out especially for you as a result of the life and death of His Son–a life that offers eternal life, security, health, sanity and goodness. Defeat Your Saboteurs will not only orient your life as to why it is as it is, but how to get a good and desirable life!

The Bible says: ''Who has believed our report? And to whom has the arm of the LORD been revealed?'' Isaiah 53:1. Will you believe and take what God has for you? Defeat Your Saboteurs is your instruction manual and tool box.

About The Author

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About T. Grant Acker

T. Grant Acker is passionate about helping others overcome adversity, difficulties and the enemy’s attack in order to enjoy the life God has for them. Having been born on the wrong side of the spiritual railroad tracks and in misery, Acker has learned how to find and receive the life promised by God. It has been anything but easy. He enjoys teaching what he has learned in the process. While Acker has served as a missionary, teacher, and occasional prophet, he makes his living as an attorney both internationally and in the United States.



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Product Details

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  • eBook Version
  • Publisher: Reliance Media, Inc.; 1st edition (2013)
  • Language: English



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