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About S.G. Riddle

Gail Riddle (S.G. Riddle) has always had a love of writing, but this book was born out of a curious question and her fascination with how the Old Testament and the New Testament fit together…despite being written by many different people over many thousands of years.

What began as a simple look at the historical exodus of the nation of Israel from Egypt, turned into the adventure of a lifetime and, eventually, this book.  As Gail studied and shared with others, the truths hidden within the wilderness journey began to emerge as a roadmap for our life’s journey today.

While this book took twenty years to make it from a personal journal into your hands, there was a lot of life lived in-between and many opportunities for Gail, her family, and the church they pastor to walk out the message inside.  It has been read, taught, and approved by many pastors, teachers, and counselors.  Much more than an intellectual exercise or another how-to book, what you will learn from “Are We There Yet? Surviving the Wilderness” is how to become a mature Christian and journey from where you are - to living in the promises the LORD has for you.

Gail lives in Washington State with her husband of thirty-six years and surrounded by the families of their three children and six grandchildren (so far).  She is a pastor\'s wife and has had the privilege of serving the LORD with an incredible church family since 1999. Her passion is to tell people this simple truth: "YOU MATTER TO GOD!"

The LORD desires a personal love relationship with each of us, and He is waiting to reveal Himself and His truths to anyone who will listen.  When you know how much God loves you, then you will trust Him wherever He leads...even through the wilderness!

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