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photo of Gregory A. Slaughter, Jr.About Gregory A. Slaughter, Sr.


First and foremost, Gregory A Slaughter Sr. is a Christian man who leads his family to the Lord. Greg has been married to his wife Janice who he met in college for over thirty years, they have three wonderful children, Aquisha, Alexis and Greg Jr. and a lovely granddaughter named Hillary. Greg is a walking talking testimony to God’s ability to take a grim situation and turn it into a miracle. When Greg was a very young man he was involved in an industrial accident that caused his left arm to be amputated. At one point the doctors said that he might not make it, but by the Grace of God, Greg survived and is living a very fulfilling life. His life and work experience has provided him with opportunities to travel nationally and internationally. Greg has worked in every major city in the United States and he has spent eight months working in Hong Kong consulting the University of Hong Kong.


Greg likes to say that he has come all the way from the back rooms to the broad rooms in life. He has held numerous professional positions in various organizations, and over the past fifteen years has provided professional information system consulting to some of the largest corporations, universities and government entities in the world. Greg is one of the founders and CEO of two companies and has begun a new career as a faith based author and inspirational speaker.


Greg believes that if we really think about it…everyone has a testimony and that we all have a story to tell about how good God has been to us in our lives. Greg knows firsthand about living in this world outside of God’s Will. Like most Christians, after spending much of his young adult life not doing the Will of God, Greg struggled with changing his life and being born again. But with a lot of prayer and support from his family, church and friends, Greg has formed an unbreakable relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.


Because of this relationship, Greg is devoted to spending the rest of his time on earth spreading the word about the importance of the Will of God. Greg plans on writing more books while speaking and teaching adults the methods for implementing Gods Will in their lives and in their children’s lives.


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Gregory A. Slaughter, Sr.

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