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Eb smallAbout Patrick J McGuffin
Ebony Hosey (1972-2015) was a gifted singer, musician and songwriter. She was kind, soft spoken and often a bit shy. Music was the tool she used to express deep-seated thoughts and emotions. The lives of thousands were powerfully impacted when she led praise and worship, sang a solo or played a keyboard. Ebony also wrote more than 200 songs for worship, celebrations and her students. In He Touched Me, Ebony shares personal and intimate experiences. The words did not always come easily, but she knew that they could make a difference. Her account is written with honesty, pain and conviction. Exactly six months before her death, Ebony wrote:

“Well…here it is, after 2½ years of writing, I think I’ve captured what I wanted to say in my book…I’m not quite sure about a title…”

She shared her story in order to benefit herself and many others. Ebony described herself as a sacrificial lamb. As you read, you will learn important truths about how best to handle life’s challenges…without sacrificing your soul and dreams.

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