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New Release

The New Release Package is our standard book publishing package. It includes the nuts and bolts of the legal applications, book preparation, as well as several useful distribution and marketing services.


Included in the New Release Package:

  • One-on-One Author Support—Our Publishing Consultants are always available by phone or email to every one of our authors. You will have one-on-one support with one of our Author Services Representatives every step of the way! 
  • Custom Full-Color Cover—Our talented design team will create 2 unique covers to choose from that reflects your vision for the book and helps make it marketable online and in bookstores. *Note: None of our cover designs included in our standard publishing packages involve original drawn illustrations. If the author desires original, custom-drawn illustrations, the author can provide them or we can supply a list of illustrators.
  • Custom Interior Design—You can choose from a variety of templates and then customize any part of your book from there.
  • Electronic Proof—Once our design team has completed the first draft of your interior and cover design, you will receive an electronic proof.
  • Personalized Back Cover—Add your photo, a short bio, a synopsis of the book—whatever you would like to assist the reader in their buying decision.
  • Choice of Trim Size—Our common sizes are 5.5" x 8.5" and 6" x 9", but we can provide any size available.
  • ISBN & Barcode Assignment—Your book will have a unique International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and UPC Barcode that booksellers can use to find and order your book.
  • Library of Congress—Your book will be on file with the Library of Congress and the PCN number will be included in the copyright page of your book.
  • US Copyright Registration—Your book will be protected through registrations with the US Copyright.
  • Books in Print Registration—Your book will be registered with Bowker, a professional online book and publisher information source, which is often available for viewing at public libraries.
  • Nonexclusive Contract—With Certa Publishing, you-- the author, have complete authority to do whatever you would like to with your book, even if that means going to a big New York publisher.
  • Online Distribution—When your book is finished, it’s available to order online through many sites, including CertaPublishing.com.
  • Bookstore Availability—With a unique ISBN, your book could be available to thousands of retail outlets.
  • Book Retailed on Amazon.com—Your book will be available for purchase on Amazon.com.
  • Process Book Orders from CP and Amazon.comWe will process orders placed from bookstores on your behalf.
  • Warehouse BooksInstead of storing all of your books in your living room, we’ll store them for you in our 90,000 square-foot, air-conditioned warehouse.
  • Featured Book Page on CertaPublishing.com—You will have your own page featuring your book that you may use for marketing and for ease of purchase.
  • Google Book Preview—Your book will be a part of the millions of books, from libraries and publishers worldwide, that are searched and previewed daily on Google Book Search. What an opportunity!
  • Professional Marketing Consultation—Our experienced marketing team will work with you during a 30-minute phone call to help you discover the best way to market and sell your book.
  • 1,000 Author Business Cards—Your full-color author business cards represent you and your book with authority and professionalism. Your cover will be on the front and your book's brief description and ordering information will be on the back.
  • Professionally Written Back Cover—Our expert team will help promote your book with a professionally written back cover that will motivate readers to purchase your book.
  • Manuscript Review—Your manuscript will receive a complete editorial evaluation, outlining the manuscripts strengths and weaknesses.
  • Warehouse Books—Instead of storing all of your books in your living room, we’ll store them for you in our warehouse.
  • Quarterly Royalty Payments and Reports
  • 3 Complimentary Paperback Books


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