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*During the Month of February 2018: Receive $2,000 OFF the Select Package,
$1,500 OFF Royal Premium Package, $1,200 OFF Top Seller Package
or $500 OFF New Release package

*Please note: The cost to print your book is not included in your publishing package.
Printing rates vary depending on the final page count and size of your book.


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Package Details
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One-on-One Author Support
Our Publishing Consultants are always available by phone or email to every one of our authors.
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Full-Color Cover
Our talented design team will create a unique custom cover that reflects your vision for the book and helps make it marketable online and in bookstores.
2 Custom Covers 3 Custom Covers 4 Custom  Covers Advance 5 Custom  Covers Advance
Interior Formatting and Design
You can choose from a variety of templates and then customize any part of your book from there.
Custom Custom Custom Advance
Custom Advance
Electronic Proof Galley
Once our design team has completed the first draft of your interior and cover design, you will receive an electronic proof.
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Personalized Back Cover
Add your photo, a short bio, a synopsis of the book—whatever you would like.
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Choice of Book Trim Size CP-Logo CP-Logo CP-Logo CP-Logo
ISBN & Barcode Assignment
Your book will have a unique International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and UPC Barcode so that booksellers can find and order your book.
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Nonexclusive Contract
You own 100% of the rights to your book!

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Library of Congress
Your book will be on file with the Library of Congress and the PCN number will be included on the copyright page of your book.
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US Copyright Registration
Copyright should never be an option! Your book will be protected through registration with the US Copyright.
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Books in Print Registration
Your book will be a part of Bowker’s authoritative, professional online book and publisher information source, which is often available to view at public libraries.
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Bookstore Availability
With a unique ISBN, your book could be available at thousands of retail outlets.
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Book Retailed on Amazon.com
Your book will have its own Amazon.com page for ordering. Don't miss having your book available on the world's largest bookstore. Purchasers can even submit reviews of your book to help promote it.
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Google Book Preview
Your book will be a part of the millions of books from libraries and publishers worldwide that are searched and previewed daily on Google Book Search.
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Featured Book Page on CertaPublishing.com
You will have your own information and ordering page featuring your book.
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Process Book Orders from CP & Amazon
We will process orders placed from bookstores on your behalf.
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Warehouse Books
Instead of storing all of your books in your living room, we'll store them for you in our warehouse for a quarterly warehouse fee. Click HERE for more details.
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Professionally Written Back Cover
Our expert team will help you promote your book with a professionally written back cover. A compelling back cover will motivate readers and get your book sold! Let our team take the guessing game out of what your back cover should or should not include. Relax, we have it! ($199 value!)

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Manuscript Review 
Your manuscript will receive a complete editorial evaluation, including alternate suggested titles and subtitles, as well as manuscript strengths and weaknesses. ($299 value!)

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Christian Books & More Database
We will list your book in the most complete database of all Christian products in the country with over 1,200 Christian stores participating. 
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Professional Marketing Consultation**
Imagine consulting and getting advice through our experienced marketing team! We will work with you to help you discover the best ways to market and sell your book.

$250 CP-Logo CP-Logo CP-Logo

Amazon.com Marketing
We will establish marketing/search keywords for your book on Amazon.com so potential book purchasers can discover your book more easily. We will also provide the "Search Inside" feature on Amazon.com to allow potential buyers to preview a portion of your book.

$150  CP-Logo CP-Logo CP-Logo

Graphic Insertion or Quote Outs
We will insert images or quote outs into your book.

$5 Per Image Up to 10 Images or quote outs
Up to 15 Images or quote outs Up to 20 Images or quote outs
Featured Author Page on CertaPublishing.com
You will have your own author page that is all about you and the books you have written. Use this page to have any book buyers order your books straight from your publisher.
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1,000 Author Business Cards
Your author business cards will have your full-color cover on the front and your book's description and purchasing information on the back. 
$105 CP-Logo CP-Logo CP-Logo

100 Author Bookmarks
Your full-color author bookmark will have your book cover, description and purchasing information on the front. Readers love bookmarks! 

 $75  CP-Logo  CP-Logo CP-Logo
Make your book available through the newest technology on the market! Your eBook is placed for purchase on CertaPublishing.com, Amazon's Kindle, Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony e-Reader, Kobo, and more.*** Click here for more information.


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Blogger Review Program 
Blogs rank third (behind retail and brand sites) in impacting consumers' decisions to purchase a product. The Blogger Review Program makes your book available for bloggers to review your book and write a review on their blog, as well as at least one other major retailer. Gaining positive reviews is an essential part of marketing your book.****
$200 $200  CP-Logo CP-Logo
Amazon's Author Central Setup & Optimization 
With over a quarter of all books in the world bought on Amazon.com, it is easy to say you want to be in as many places on their site as possible! With the creation and optimization of your personal author page on Amazon.com, you will help potential purchasers find and get to know you and your book(s). You will also be able to keep track of your sales on Amazon.com.
$200 $200  CP-Logo CP-Logo
Book-Signing Kit
Sell more books when you do a book signing at your church or a bookstore! You will receive 250 Postcards, 200 bookmarks, 25 posters, and 50 flyers.
$300 $300  CP-Logo CP-Logo
Social Media Set-Up
Tell the world about your book! We will create, and set you up with, Twitter, Facebook profile, Facebook page, Author blog, Goodreads, and Feedburner to help assist in the publicity of your book.



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Media Marketing Kit
Have all your information, product description, author bio, interniew talking points, etc. in one elegantly-designed, professional package. This is a necessity that takes you a step above the rest when approaching other professionals for partnership, interviews, and reviews. 
$500 $500 CP-Logo CP-Logo
Royalty Payments & Reports Quarterly  Quarterly Quarterly Quarterly

Complimentary Paperback Books


5 Books

10 Books 20 Books
Submission to Three Notable Online Book Review Sites 
By submitting your book to review sites, you can create more interest that leads to sales. A favorable review can be used in all your marketing efforts and provide credibility to potential purchasers.****


$300 CP-Logo

Submission to Top National Book Award Programs 
We will submit your book to two national award programs. Book awards bring exposure and influence buyers. If you win an award, you will always be known as an "award-winning author!" Authors supply two copies, per award, out of their own inventory.



$500 CP-Logo
RUSH - 45 Days
Your books will be completed within 45 days of after we receive your final manuscript!


$299 CP-Logo
Press Release
Attract the media with a well-crafted, professionally written press release about your book and distribute it to national Christian outlets that best suit your title. Your press release will be seen by Christian reporters, news producers, Radio, TV, and print outlets, including: Focus on the Family, Christianity Today, Christian Television Network, Faith TV, and many more!
 $400  $400


Article Writing & Submission 
Based on the topic and style of your book, several articles will be written and submitted for publication on your behalf to five relevant sites/online publications. Getting articles published allows you to reach a whole new audience. (Nonfiction books only)
 $600  $600


Video Book Trailer
Bring your book to life by having a professionally produced,  high-quality, compelling video trailer created to stimulate interest in purchasing your book. We will also place your book trailer on YouTube, the video posting leader, and our website. Click HERE for more information
$650 $650 $650 CP-Logo
BookExpo & BookCon Tradeshows 
BookExpo is the premier event for North American publishing. We will display your books at the center of the publishing industry and position your titles for success. BookCon is the new consumer convention directly following BookExpo.
$300 $300 $300 $300
Book Review Catalog
What an awesome opportunity to have your book read and reviewed! Your book will be placed in a catalog soliciting 3,000 book reviewers!
$470 $470 $470 $470
Bookstore Catalog
Launch your book into the marketplace by it featured in a catalog sent to over 3,500 bookstores across the country!
$500 $500 $500 $500

Professional Galley Review Opportunity 
We make your electronic advance reader galleys available to 145,000+ reviewers, media, booksellers, librarians, and bloggers for six months. We offer a way to provide secure, digital versions of your title to a community of professional readers and your own contacts.

$550 $550 $550 $550

*Our publishing package prices and sales are based upon the interior layout of a standard chapter book with standard text, paragraph, and chapter flow. This does not include quote outs or special formatting. The publishing package prices are based on books up to 250 pages. Books that do not follow this layout such as manuals, guides, text books, children's book, etc. are subject to review. 

**Marketing Consultation includes one 30-minute session for the Top Seller, two 30-minute sessions with the Royal Premium.  The CP Select includes three 30-minute sessions with follow-up emails and marketing map.

***eBook files cannot be created from PDFs. To create a market-ready ePub file, Certa Publishing must have the source file in a Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign file.
Certa Publishing will make every reasonable effort to have the formatting of the eBook edition reflect the format of the print edition; however, some design elements are not supported in the ePub format. Certa Publishing is not responsible for making changes to the design of the eBook edition. The file size of an image-based book and/or color book is too large to be placed in the eBook format. Therefore, Certa Publishing can only publish black & white text-based books in the eBook format.
Disclaimer: Print Ready Files (PDF), image-based books, color books, or designed interior file sizes larger than 10 MB are ineligible for this service.

****Author must agree to supply up to 30 copies of their book for review. Author might not actually give away that many, but has to be willing to if the demand is there. All S&H is to be paid by the author.


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