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Marketing Bookmarks

Bookmarks don't just mark your place. They promote your book over and over again. 

Bookmark photo Publishers and authors have given bookmarks away free for years and years—because bookmarks build brand awareness for both authors and books! As readers see your name and the name of your book, it becomes second nature to them to recommend your book to their friends and fellow readers.alt

Don’t sell this marketing tool short. It works, and in a low-cost per unit fashion! Many authors give them with every book sale. Some give them only at book signings. Others use them as independent marketing tools. But the bottom line is that bookmarks work to promote you and your book and stay around for years.

These full-color, professionally designed bookmarks will be used not only when someone is reading your book, but also when he or she is reading OTHER authors' books. This is a great marketing tool at a very affordable cost!


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Estimated delivery is about two weeks after order placement. The bookmarks measure 2"x7" and are printed in full color on glossy card stock on one side of the card. Bookmark color variances can occur when compared to your book cover. Once your order is submitted, it cannot be changed or canceled. Offer limited to authors with shipping addresses in the United States. Price does not include applicable tax and freight.


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