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Core Values

christian book publishing integrity Integrity - We are people of our word.

NewBookPublishing works hard!
Hard Work
- Trust breeds respect and dependability.
There is no substitute. We do whatever it takes.

NewBookPublishing deadline adherenceDeadline Adherence - From our newspaper days, we know
and value doing what we say when we say it will be done.
Your book will be printed on time.

NewBookPublishing has book marketing savvy!
Marketing Savvy - This is a highly competitive world and people
will always return to people who produce results for them.

NewBookPublishing is creative!
- Innovation coupled with effective communication form the
backbone of our creative team.

NewBookPublishing has clear vision!Clear Vision - We keep the main thing the main thing. Our clients
know we are purpose-driven on projects and on the way in which
we handle their publishing needs.

Christian book publisher Statement of Faith Values - Regardless of personal cost, we adhere to traditional,
Christian values.

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