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Pat McGuffin talks about how simple it is to publish with CertaPublishing.comPublishing Made Simple with CertaPublishing.com

How do you choose the right publisher who you can trust, one who makes the process imple and highly affordable? What makes NewBookPublishing different? Watch this video and then check out our website or give us a call today at 877-311-5100!


Angela Shaw talks about how easy it and interactive the book publishing process is with a publishing consultantPublishing Consultants at NewBookPublishing

One of things that sets NewBookPublishing apart from other publishing companies is that every author has their own personal publishing consultant. Don't wait in long phone queues hoping that you push the correct series of buttons to get a live person. Call us today at 877-311-5100 and speak with your very own publishing consultant.

Jason Hurt talks about how NewBookPublishing can market your bookMarketing Your Book
Equals Sales

At NewBookPublishing we understand that having a finished book in your hands is exciting, but it is not the final step. You have to market your books to sell them. Watch this short video to see a few of the ways that NewBookPublishing markets your book. Call us today at 877-311-5100 to find out more.

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