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Publicity and Marketing

What is your dream? To become a successful and well-known author? To get your story and message into as many hands as possible? To move people with the words you have written? Whatever your dream, it cannot be accomplished merely by publishing your book. Remember, a printed book doesn’t accomplish anything . . . until you generate buzz and it begins to sell!

At Certa Publishing, we understand that new authors can feel overwhelmed by the publishing process. Just when you’ve figured out the writing and editing part, you have to learn to make formatiing and printing choices (like type style and paper), and then it’s time to deal with publicity and marketing!

You are never alone in the process with Certa Publishing. We work with you and for you, helping to make you a successful author and fulfilling the dreams you have for your book.

What is Publicity? What is Marketing?

Publicity: Generating the buzz necessary to make potential readers aware of your new book.

Marketing: Advertising, promoting and selling your book, using a wide variety of methods.

Certa Publishing has years of experience in creating buyer awareness of and promoting and selling printed products. We do this all day long, every day, and we are really good at it! So let us put our extensive expertise and experience to work selling your book!

Check out our Publicity and Marketing Packages to learn more, or call 855-77-CERTA to talk to your publishing consultant about how hard we will work to get your books off the shelf and into the hands of waiting readers!

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