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Nehemiah People

Bringing God’s Divine Order to the World Outside of the Church

ORLANDO, Florida— In a world desperately searching for solutions, it’s important for Christians to remember their divine appointment from God is not just relevant within the church, but in every aspect of their culture and daily lives. Full of wisdom and revelation, Nehemiah People ($15.99, paperback, 978-0-9981815-6-1) defines the sacred calling to bring God's divine order to all spheres of culture outside the walls of the church house.

Using the life of Nehemiah of the Bible, this compelling book demonstrates how to overcome obstacles and resistance to one’s divine calling, describes God’s positioning and development process for 21st Century men and women, and explains how to more deeply understand the importance of obeying God.

Author and International business leader, Paul Cuny, explains God’s endorsement process for those who will implement His solutions in this generation, and uncovers that a person’s purpose and destiny in society is on a much higher scale than ever imagined. Readers will begin to understand the challenges men and women with a Nehemiah type calling will most certainly face in this generation and practical solutions to those challenges.

Our world is in an urgent search for solutions. The men and women of our generation who have the heart and spirit of Nehemiah are the ones who will bring those God inspired solutions for business, government, medicine, military, education, and all spheres of society. J. Gunnar Olson, Founder of the International Christian Chamber of Commerce (ICCC), said, “[This book] has been a blessing in my own life...It is a well of wisdom and a blessing to all who are pursuing their calling in the fear of the Lord.” Nehemiah People is a book that will give Christians permission to be who God made them to be without apology or excuse.

About Paul Cuny

Paul Cuny is President of MarketPlace Leadership International, an ordained minister, an internationally recognized speaker on God’s principles of economics and leadership, is an Executive Committee member of the Economic Summit and the International Council of Economic Reformation, and has been interviewed on international TV and radio.

 He has authored many articles in international publications and is the author of two books: Secrets of the Kingdom Economy, which is published in five languages, and Nehemiah People. Paul has served as a friend, counselor and prayer partner to sitting presidents, ambassadors, business, and government leaders around the world.

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