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What is partner publishing and why is it the best option for today’s authors? Partner publishing is best described as a hybrid between traditional and self-publishing. Many authors are turning their backs on the hoop-jumping processes of traditional publishing and are embracing the collaborative process of partner publishing. Partner publishing offers authors many of the same perks of traditional publishing routes, while allowing them to maintain creative control and royalties for their hard work and dedication.


Why shouldn’t you merely run your manuscript through a normal self-publisher? The difference with partner publishing is that your manuscript is treated with great care to ensure a first-rate and professional end-product. Staffed by industry professionals, Certa Publishing is a partner publishing company that provides more than just expertise. It provides authors with personal support and guidance throughout the entire publishing process.


With Certa Publishing, authors pay upfront for the hard costs of production, but what they get in return is so much more! They secure experts in the field, who work not only on publishing the book, but successfully marketing it, as well. This unique model allows authors to pay only for the services they want and need. Whether it is editing the initial manuscript, designing the book cover, printing and distribution, marketing techniques, or social media set-up and maintenance, it is all made available to every author.


Partnering with Certa Publishing offers the benefits of traditional small press’ knowledge and resources, while providing authors with full rights to their book at the end of the process. Being with a partner publisher, means authors are able to focus more of their energy on what they do best – writing.


Constant communication, personal transparency, and long-term commitment are a few of the qualities that set Certa Publishing’s partnership apart. Larger, traditional companies may only push a book for a brief period of time, but for Certa Publishing, partnership means marketing for success. This requires time, repetition, and open communication between publisher and author.


While self-publishing requires grueling attention from the authors, traditional publishing requests too little input, leaving authors feeling as though they’re in the dark. But Certa’s partner publishing model allows for the perfect amount of attention and input, from both author and publisher. This stems from the agreement to become partners, exchange resources, and talents, rather than merely exchanging money and product. It is quite possibly the future of publishing!

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