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Parables of the Deer

From Timid Fawn to Bold Witness: Understanding and Sharing Your Christian Faith

Orlando, FL—Are you uncomfortable witnessing to unbelievers? Do some of their questions regarding Christianity leave you stumped? In Parables of the Deer: A Journey Toward Christian Maturity ($19.95, paperback, 978-1-936989-64-5), Carl Schmuland, with beautiful illustrations, uniquely combines Scripture and stories of his encounters with deer into parables that provide a defense for Christianity and the Word of God in its true intended form.

In the same way that deer across the United States are rampant, but many times not acknowledged or understood, Scripture, which is available through many avenues these days, is also greatly ignored or misinterpreted. But you don’t have to remain uninformed. Parables of the Deer is organized into three parts: The first part is a basic overview of the Bible; Part two covers Christian doctrine and its foundation; And finally, part three includes the topics of apologetics and evangelism.

Parables of the Deer will equip you to be an effective and confident witness for Jesus Christ. It will help you answer questions from unbelievers such as: Do all religions lead to God? What if someone has never heard of Jesus? In 1 Peter 3:15, Christians are instructed to contend for their faith, or make a defense for the hope that it within them. “[Christianity] is grounded in fact and reason not merely emotions or feelings” states Schmuland. But how do you defend something you don’t fully understand?

A true understanding of Christianity does not have to be overwhelming. Schmuland has divided his book into 132 short, yet, concise chapters covering the topics of most importance to the Christian faith. Each chapter addresses one topic from Scripture and contains a color photograph that is the parable of the topic.

Don’t be misled by the narrow understanding of Scripture from today’s pluralistic worldview. Dig deeper for yourself. Your Christian faith has stood the test of time for one reason: Truth. Don’t be fooled by the many competing religions and philosophies of this day. Jesus is the only way to God.

Parables of the Deer can be effortlessly used as a reference in your hurried world. You can skip to the topic which addresses your particular question or concern. You can even use it as a devotional, or a tool for evangelism. No matter how you use it, you are guaranteed to grow in the knowledge of your faith and become an effective disciple who makes other followers for Jesus along the way.

Carl Schmuland has been photographing deer since the age of 10. He is passionate about deer, but even more passionate about his Christian faith. His desire is to empower believers to increase their knowledge of the Christian faith and become more effective witnesses for Jesus, making Him known to a lost and fallen world.

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