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Serving God

Free to Serve: Moving Beyond the Have-To’s of Christianity


Orlando, FL—In Serving God: Moving from Have To to Want To ($10.00, paperback, 978-1-936989-66-9) Chip Studer delivers a 15-day devotional that shifts believers away from the mindset of having to serve God to a place where they desire to serve Him. Studer states, “It is human nature to resist doing what we are told we have to do.” But when Christians fully experience the grace and love of God, they become free to serve Him and others in love. But why is love for God alone not enough?

            Jesus said the greatest of all commandments originates in two parts: First, love God (with all your heart, soul, and mind) and second, love others as you do yourself. In fact, when you love others in obedience to God, you demonstrate your love for the Lord. Believers must first recognize the true meaning of Jesus’ sacrifice upon the cross, before they can discern the richness of His love. “In knowing Him, we know true love, which fills us spiritually. His love heals emotional pain and allows us to be compassionate toward others,” says Studer.

            Studer does not claim this is always easy. It will take the help of the Holy Spirit to love the way God commands. He understands the spiritual depravation that can result from a marred past. In Serving God, Studer shares the powerful testimony of his own childhood, which was filled with brokenness, dysfunction, and the desire to run away from it all. This led him into an adulthood peppered with much of the same, until the day he calls his "day of infamy.” Studer recounts the hunting accident in 1991 that resulted in a wheelchair bound existence for him. It was after this life-altering event, he began to not just know of God, but began knowing God personally. From this knowledge, arose a desire to serve God.

Serving God offers readers a hands-on approach to fulfilling the greatest commandment given by Jesus. With a daily prayer and thought for the day, Studer gently draws readers into a deeper awareness of the Lord. Studer states, “Christianity becomes attractive when Christians show Christ’s love to each other and to the world around them.” Through this insightful devotional, believers will come to know God and experience the joy that comes from loving Him and others around them, as well.

Chip Studer is a 20-year wheelchair user who knows how to turn obstacles into bridges of opportunity. He is a Bible teacher and motivational speaker, passionate about sharing Christ and his experiences with others. Studer is also an associate instructor for Walk Thru the Bible Ministries and a certified Outdoor Education instructor for the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. For more information on Chip Studer and “Serving God: Moving from Have To to Want To” please visit http://www.certapublishing.com/serving-god.html or www.ChipStuder.com


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