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Are You Attackable?

Strengthen Your Strategies for Victorious Living in Christ: Repel the Inevitable Attacks on Your Faith


Orlando, FL—As a follower of Christ, do you ever feel you’re in a constant battle with an unseen enemy? In Are You Attackable? Embracing God During the Battles in Life ($15.95, paperback, 978-1-939748-74-4) David H. Judson discusses how the enemy of God, Satan, is also your enemy. He has come to steal, kill, and destroy you. But how do you recognize an enemy you cannot see? And how do you fight back when you lack the necessary strength?

            A spiritual battle with the Enemy requires more than merely shadowboxing, and certainly more than hiding. It requires a deeply established, personal relationship with God. Satan knows your weaknesses, and he will use them against you at every turn. He will consistently remind you of past mistakes to keep you from advancing. Judson states, “Your past does not need to define you. Your present can refine you. Your future can align you closer to God.” There is a purpose in this battle and standing firm when confronted by the Enemy is more important than you know.

Though your life may be riddled by past failures, broken dreams, and regret, Satan has not won. Your past disappointments can become victories for today. The battles you face are developing you in Godly character, and although this process can be painful at times, it is necessary. Wisdom comes when you learn from your experiences, and God will use every experience, even the ones the Enemy attempts to harm you with, to train you. The Enemy is relentless in his desire to create a rift in your relationship with God. If he is successful, he knows he has you were he wants you—dormant and ineffective for Kingdom work.

So how do you fight to win? How do you find the courage to fight the enemy of your soul? “Being courageous is not natural; it is supernatural. Being courageous takes intentional effort fueled by the Holy Spirit,” says Judson. You can actually land a blow that cuts the Enemy down. In Are You Attackable? Judsonwill provide you with the godly principles you will need to resist the Enemy and find victory. Don’t stand by and become a casualty of the battle. Train to win.

            David H. Judson is the founder of Know Him Show Him Ministries, an experienced adult disciple teacher, and a successful business executive. Judson is convinced that teaching others how to serve God in the face of a tenacious enemy is not only a critically important mission, but God’s specific calling on his life. Judson says, “We need God’s protection, as we move out of the safety of our pews, and into His service to a hurting world, because we must stand firm and prevail against the trials, storms, and battles in life.”

            For more information on David H. Judson and Are You Attackable? please visit http://davidhjudson.org/ or http://certapublishing.com/are-you-attackable.html


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