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Fearless Living

From Irrational Fear to Healthy Fear: A Journey to Complete Trust in God

Orlando, FL—Have worry and fear kept you from progressing in life? Fear can be crippling, but there is hope. Linda Knight’s Fearless Living: A 70 day reflective journey from fear to trust ($13.99, paperback, 978-1-939748-30-0) will show you how you can begin to trust God more than your circumstances. This original, 70-day devotional will guide you in applying God’s Word to any situation you face. Each day builds upon the other, leading you to a life free from fear and worry.


God designed you to fear things that have the potential to harm you. But when irrational fear permeates your life, it interferes with your ability to obey God and live the life He purposed for you. Scripture instructs believers to fear God. Fear of God is healthy reverence, or respect, based on the knowledge of His Greatness. When you fear God, you learn that He is greater than anything that can come against you.


In Fearless Living, Knight shares Scriptures instructing Christians on the proper way to fear God without getting trapped in the fear of others or circumstances. Subsequently, as an irrational fear is shattered, a healthy fear of God is built upon. Knight explains the context of the verses and shares the lessons within them. A daily prayer is provided to help readers connect with God and seek to fear Him only. The last section of each day is dedicated to personal reflection. It allows you to delve deeper and apply the lesson learned to your particular situation in a practical way.


When you live your life through the filter of fear, you’re held captive by it. You are unable to live in the freedom and abundance that God has provided for you. Knight says, “God promises peace and security in His care.” As your reliance on Him develops, you will begin to approach each day with confidence in the knowledge that He is for you and not against you.


While the world might tell you the answer to fear is found in psychotherapy or by use of medication, God’s Word generously provides what you need to conquer your fears once and for all. Make fear and worry a thing of the past. Learn how to apply God’s Word to your particular circumstances and begin to enjoy Fearless Living.


            Linda Knight is a lifetime student of the Bible. She taught in public school for over 30 years, along with teaching children and adults in Bible classes. She loves to teach God's word to children and facilitate women's bible studies. For more information on Linda Knight and “Fearless Living,” please visit http://certapublishing.com/fearless-living.html or http://daybydayfearlessliving.com

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