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God's Got This

Conquer Failure and Doubt: How to Recognize God's Presence in Every Area of Your Life


Orlando, FL— Have you ever questioned God’s presence during the most difficult and pivotal moments in your life? There are times when God’s presence is palatable. Then suddenly, a situation arises and He seems far off. Believers question where God is during these times, they may even question His very existence. It is during those moments that the temptation to give up and walk away from God’s plan arises. In God’s Got This ($15.99, hard cover, 978-1-936989-56-0), Dennis Dunn shares how he struggled to recognize God’s presence during some difficult moments in his life. However, Dunn was, eventually, able to conclude: “God has proven to be in control and accessible at all times.”

No matter what area in life you are struggling with, God is eager to help you. Whether it is in relationships, sickness, or a time of transition, God is always present and available to you. But when your Christian walk is disrupted or challenged, the temptation to doubt God can become great. Dunn says, “The good news is that the bad news is not the final news.” Your journey will ultimately lead to the fulfillment of God’s definitive plan for your life. But how do you believe Him when the final news is not yet known? How do you reconcile the failures in your life? How can you gain confidence in that which is unseen?

 Faith in God is a progressive reality for those who are in constant communication with Him. Communication is the key to any fruitful relationship. When this is lacking, it can lead to brokenness in relationships, and this is true in your walk with God. Through prayer you gain an eternal perspective and an understanding that setbacks or failures in this life are not the end-all. The plans of God will succeed despite the letdowns of life circumstances.

 God’s Got This will inspire you to see God even in the most unexpected of places. His presence will be at the forefront of every area in your life. Although, God has a plan for every believer, each journey is unique. He shows up in peculiar—at times even in humorous—ways in His children’s lives. God perfectly molds each one of His children to fulfill a crucial role and purpose in His Kingdom. You are a part of His plan. Don’t let past failures leave you in a state of perpetual doubt. Believe that God’s Got This.

             Dennis Dunn serves as the Senior Pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church. He is a visionary, with a passion to help people in need. His philosophy is, “When you find a need, fill it. When you discover a hurt, heal it.” For more information on Dennis Dunn and God’s Got This, please click on the following link: http://www.certapublishing.com/god-s-got-this.html


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