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Among the Myrtle Trees

Vanessa Crosson Tells of a Story of Return and Redemption
Author Vanessa Crosson lost her trust in God when her mother died of cancer, but after years of running from God, Crosson returned to her original faith. She offers practical ways to find God again.

ORLANDO, FLA – Instead of attending her senior prom, 18-year-old Vanessa Crosson stood by her dying mother’s hospital bed. Her mother’s body—racked with cancer—had withered to a mere 85 pounds. Gathered with friends and family, Crosson prayed fervently outside that hospital room. They prayed for a miracle. They prayed for healing, and they prayed for something that would save her mother’s life. But no miracle came. There was no healing.
    So, Vanessa ran—from God and her own faith.
    But, she eventually found her way back to God and to the faith she had received as a 10-year-old child. Among the Myrtle Trees ($14.99, paperback, 978-1-939-748-45-4) is the story of Crosson’s journey back to God. It’s a story of her ending a time of running from God, even though she would later realize that all of her running was done while she was still in the palm of God’s hand.
    As that 10-year-old child sitting on her bedside with her mother, Crosson found assurance through a saving knowledge of Jesus. But, when her mother’s body was filled with cancer a mere eight years later, Crosson felt she no longer had any reason to trust God.
    With her mother gone, Crosson immersed herself in her work as a registered nurse. She was married and had begun to raise a family. As noble as family and career were, those had become her gods, for Crosson had abandoned her faith in God, running away from her faith following her mother’s death.
    But, like Zachariah in the Bible, Crosson later found comfort. Like the Israelites of that day, she returned to her original faith. She returned to the one true God.
    Among the Myrtle Trees is a biblically-based book that takes its readers through the journey Crosson experienced and offers real-life practical ways to those who feel a longing to return to their original faith. Her story convinces us that God never abandons us; He is waiting for our return with loving and open arms.
    Whether you have abandoned your faith, know someone who is down in their faith, or are just feeling down in the dumps yourself, Among the Myrtle Trees offers spiritual encouragement and strength.  Passionate prayers and relevant scripture guide you to find a restoration of faith that the Israelites found…among the myrtle trees.

Vanessa Crosson:

Vanessa Crosson is a registered nurse with experience and interest that originated in the cardiac intensive care unit.  Through personal tragedy at the age of eighteen, she chose a life without God.  Now, with a testimony of God’s grace, Vanessa reaches out in empathy for the abandoned and the broken.  Having a passion and desire to support the local church, she answers the call to a different type of intensive care and ‘nursing’ of the heart.  Vanessa and her husband of sixteen years, Trenton, live in a small farm town in North Alabama raising their three young children.

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