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Treasures From the King

These treasures (stories) transport you through different cultures, traditions and challenges, as you learn about the King’s ways
Stories will build faith, courage and humility, as well as teach the value of sharing

The four short stories in Maria Negron’s book, Treasures From the King ($17.77, hardback, 978-1-93698949-2), will take readers through four different time periods and continents. These short stories are targeted toward children ages 7 through 13 and parents’ bedtime story reading. Yet, all who like adventure and world travel, should not miss out on them, no matter one’s age.

In Treasures From the King, the King (God) has opened His treasure box! So get ready to soar and to discover these short stories about a sword smith, a water well, an eagle’s secret and a long-awaited journey to a celebration. The author has taken traditional Bible stories and told them in a way that makes for a delightfully entertaining read which will encourage children to be strong in their faith and teach them how to overcome obstacles in life. These intriguing stories and the accompanying colorful artwork will capture the hearts of all readers. Copies of Treasures From the King available from Certa Publishing.

Dr. Maria Negron:

Maria Negron, CEd.D, has a doctorate degree in Christian Education and is an ordained minister. She came to Florida after serving three years in the mission field. Prior to her move to Florida, Dr. Maria Negron taught in Texas’ public school system and also worked as a consultant for the Texas Department of Education.

Later, during her teaching career, Dr. Maria Negron taught and developed the Bible curriculum at Fountain Gate Academy, where she also attended Fountain Gate Ministries under the leadership of Fuschia Pickett, Judson Cornwall and Charlotte Baker. This experience later helped her in the development and implementation of children’s ministries in many other churches during her life’s journey.

Throughout her Christian walk, Dr. Maria Negron has served the Lord in many other capacities. She has traveled on numerous mission trips throughout the world, and it was during her missionary travels that these short stories were birthed.



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