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Announcing Your Book to the World!

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Congratulations! Your book is in your hands; it is now easily seen on the Internet through our website, Amazon.com, Google Book Preview and hopefully, if you followed-through with our last article, YouTube.com.

Now your attention should shift to how to direct people to your book. How do you, without sounding like an obnoxious sales person, let all your family, friends, acquaintances and strangers know about your book? The two easiest, and free ways, are through the use of simple emails and social media.

Most people have at least 100 people in their email contact list. This is the perfect place to start. Take your time and construct a well-written email outlining what you have been working on, why you have written a book, your qualifications (if applicable) in the subject matter, brief book description with a strong hook, links to purchase your book, social media links and links to your video clips on YouTube. All your links can be in your signature as to not make your email too long. You have to be conscious that people have short attention spans.

The last thing, and possibly the most important request, to include in your email is an appeal for your contacts to forward your email along to their contacts. Let’s just say 50 of your contacts send it to their 100 contacts. Now instead of only reaching 100 people, you have reached 5,100! Now think of if just 100 of those 5,100 sent your email to their 100 contacts! Your total is now 15,100! As you can see, if your email is compelling enough, your exposure could explode with just a few emails!

This exponential growth found in the forwarding of your email can also be easily duplicated with social media. If you do not already have one, set up an author Facebook profile (separate from your personal Facebook profile) and Facebook book page. (See Facebook’s FAQs if you need assistance with this).  Ask all your friends and contacts to find you on Facebook and “Friend” your profile as well as “Like” your book page. There are several other social media outlets that you would benefit from being a member; however, Facebook is currently the most important.

When creating or editing your author profile and book page, make sure you have an intriguing author bio, book description and links to all the places they can find your book. In your photos section, have a professional author photo as well as your front and back book covers.

Use the email you have already created as a Facebook “note” that all your “Friends” can read and comment on. The reason this is important is because when they comment on it, all of their “Friends” (that are not necessarily already your “Friends”) will be able to see it. So once again, you see the potential for an explosion of growth with just doing one thing.

It is very easy to keep the flow of communication going with your “Friends” on Facebook. You can post little quotes from your book, ask questions, discuss future books, go in depth (in short posts) about different subjects in your book, discuss some of the characters in your book, and so on.

As you can see, there are endless possibilities to promote your book that actually do not take a lot of time. I want to stress that these ideas can be used to begin the marketing of your book anytime from the writing process through having a published book in hand years later! It’s never too late to start!

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