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Facebook is a powerful marketing tool for authors. Once you know how to use Facebook's features to your advantage, you will be able to build your own presence on Facebook.

Like Twitter, Facebook has developed into more than just a social media site for posting useless content. Professional marketers and corporations have teams that are solely devoted to developing their online presence via social media.

Here Are Seven Ways Facebook Can Help Authors Promote Their eBook

Create an Author Profile Page
Your author name will also become your brand. Create a profile page on Facebook and share your achievements and successes with your friends.

Leverage the Power of "Word of Mouth"

Ask you friends to join your page and then again ask them to recommend you to their friends. This form of viral marketing will help to build your list of followers.

Search and Join Related Groups

When you join a group, you are allowing others to take notice of you and your own profile. If you join the right groups that contain your target market then they will also be likely to check you out if you have something to offer. Become active on the site with informative posts and build your reputation as an expert.

Create a Fan Page for Your eBook

This page is specifically devoted to your eBook so stay focused on your goals with this page. You can provide samples chapters, give tips and information, provide links to other valuable resources, tell them about you the author and build the profile and following for your eBook.

Advertise for Direct Engagement!

It will cost you to advertise on Facebook but the return may just be worth it. Consider you options and create your advertisement so it reaches your ideal customer.

Post Excerpts of Your eBook
This is a great way for potential readers to sample your eBook. If they like what they read then they will buy your eBook as they will want to know more.

Post Events

Use the events' tab to list all upcoming events that you are participating in from public speaking engagements, library visits, signings, to the release of new videos, audio interviews or eBook announcements.

These tips will get you started on Facebook in promoting your eBook and building a fanatical following. There are many more great tools you can use so be sure to do your research and learn from those authors who already use Facebook for marketing.


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