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Your Last Breath

Book Encourages Everyone to Rethink how they are Living their Lives
This book combines a 10-Step Bible Study with the story of a couple’s triumph of faith

What will you be thinking about when the time comes to take your last breath? Your kids? Your spouse? Your job? Your parents? Your friends? Your church?

In Your Last Breath ($12.99, paperback, 978-0982785829), authors Brad and Ann-Marie Boyles tell the story of Paul Anderson, a man who works constantly, but is frustrated because, no matter how hard he tries, he is unhappy and cannot seem to get ahead in life.

Paul, a real estate broker, doesn’t understand what has happened to the life he used to enjoy. Miserable in his work and miserable in his personal life, he has no idea where to turn for solutions to both problems. Paul’s wife, Michelle, is sad and resentful because he spends so much more time with his work than he does with his family. He used to enjoy doing things with her and their children, but now all he does is work or worry about work. She knows that the recession has hit Paul’s business hard, but she has told him time and again that she would rather see more of him than have a lot of money. A devout Christian, Michelle is tired of attending church without her husband, and worries that he has turned his back on his once strong Christian faith and beliefs.

Just when it seems that the couple is doomed to continue leading unhappy, separate lives, Paul receives a life-altering medical diagnosis and is told that he may have only ninety days to live. Michelle cries and Paul rages. Then, together, they start back on the path to righteousness.
Are you prepared for Your Last Breath? How would you act if you were in Paul’s shoes? If you were to die today, are you certain you will spend eternity in Heaven? Have you given 100% complete control of your life to God? Are you putting Him first in all you do? Do your daily choices and habits bring glory to Him? As Believers, these are questions we need to ask ourselves daily. To back up the story they tell, the authors have created a Bible study guide, complete with prayers and verses from Scripture to be used by readers who, like Paul and Michelle, have a need to start back on the path to righteousness.

Brad and Ann-Marie Boyles:

Authors Brad and Ann-Marie Boyles live in North Carolina with their three sons. He is an associate pastor and she is a stay-at-home mom. Because they are so grateful for the miracles the Lord has done in their hearts and in their lives, their greatest desire is to glorify Him and to share the love of Christ with others.



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