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Selecting a publisher for your book is one of the most important decisions you will make as an author. There are so many things to consider,


  • Keeping the rights and creative control of your book.
  • Choosing your book selling price and keeping the royalties.
  • Receiving a professional looking book that will sell—not one that looks home-made.

The big publishing houses don’t let you keep your rights. Other online publishers don’t let you set your book price and they keep most of the royalties. Some online publishers make you format your book--cover and all.

At CertaPublishing.com you don’t have to worry about any of that. You keep your rights. We work for you, so you get to have creative control and decide how your book should look. You pick the selling price and keep the royalties. You will get a book that looks like it belongs in any bookstore delivered when we say we will deliver it!

When choosing a publisher, make sure you keep all of your rights and that you have a non-exclusive contract. Make sure that the publisher you choose gives you the flexibility of setting the retail price of your book and lets you keep a majority of the royalties. Make sure that included in the contract that you sign, is professional interior pages and cover design. Make sure you don’t have to figure out how to design the page layout of your book yourself. You are the author, you write the book and the publisher should worry about the rest.

Becoming a publisher should be a fun and adventurous process, not a mysterious, confusing one. To begin the process of turning your written words into a published work of art, visit our website at www.CertaPublishing.com and give our friendly publishing experts a call today!

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