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Making Sense Out Of Life

‘How-To’ Manual Makes Sense Out of Life’s Hard Issues
The right approach can turn crises into springboards for lasting change

When your life has been turned upside-down by an unexpected event or issue, how can you turn it right-side up again? What practical steps can you take to move forward with purpose instead of bogging down in despair? Making Sense Out of Life ($12.99, paperback, 978-0-9819356-1-4) by Patrick J. McGuffin is a timely book to help people successfully navigate through those inevitable times when life hits rough waters—a job crisis, divorce, the loss of a loved one, fears and insecurities from the past, failing health, complicated relationships—and God seems strangely silent.

“This book is intended to be a tool to help you make sense out of real-life issues and to assist you in discovering workable solutions that will put your life on track toward meaningful fulfillment,” writes McGuffin. “I wrote this book because I needed to make sense of the events and relationships I encountered, so I could begin to live my life to the fullest…nothing less.”

In his straightforward, practical approach, McGuffin helps the reader move past a settled-for life and advance forward on the key issues that can make the difference between a life lived and a life lived well—and with purpose. Making Sense Out of Life challenges readers to consider that if God is truly God, then everything changes. For anyone wrestling with hard issues, this book will provide a fresh perspective and practical ways to move forward in life. “I highly recommend it!" writes best-selling Christian author Larry Tomczak.


Patrick J. McGuffin:

Patrick J. McGuffin is an author, business leader, journalist, publisher, and missionary who spent the first part of his professional career publishing newspapers and family magazines. Currently he owns two national printing companies, Reliance Media and Apopka Printing, and a nationwide book publishing company, CertaPublishing.com.



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