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 At Certa Publishing, we want to help you promote your book in every corner of the market.

We provide many opportunities to enhance your visibility on the internet and traditional outlets. We can assist you with everything from direct marketing to social media. Learn how Certa Publishing can help create awareness and buzz for your book through the many publicity and marketing packages we offer.



Video Book Trailer  Just like a movie trailer, a Video Book Trailer is a great way to bring your book to life and advertise it for readers! 

Learn more about getting eBook formats for your book

eBook Up-to-date with the latest technology trends, Certa Publishing offers multiple reader formats at major outlets including Amazon and Applie iBookstore.

Sell Sell It! Discover the difference between publicity and marketing and see how Certa Publishing can help you promote your book.
MARKETING Print Marketing Bundles Certa Publishing offers a number of highly effective ways to promote your book through direct marketing.



Webdesign Author Website What better way for people to learn about you and your book than through your own website?

Social Media Blast Learn about one of the fastest-growing and most successful ways to create buzz for your book.

PressRelease Press Release Packages Let Certa Publishing write your press release and distribute it to thousands of outlets.
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